Local Map & Town Centre Directions

Pedestrian Directions to Town Centre : There are 2 main ways to access the Town Centre from the Railway Station

Route 1

From Platform 2 (Leeds bound Platform) exit by the ramp and at the bottom immediately turn right and descend the steps to Holmes Road. Turn left on Holmes Road for 200 feet, then turn right onto Kingfisher Chase for 0.1 miles (across the river). At the top of the bridge there is footpath that looks like a tunnel with steps up, at the top of this you will be on the main street. Total distance 0.1 miles, average 4 minute walk. (follow the dotted line on the map to the left).

Route 2

From Platform 1 (Manchester Bound) head south (right) onto Station Road and keep walking for 0.2 miles, then turn right onto Town Hall Street (A58) for 0.2 miles. Total distance 0.5 miles, average 10 minute walk. (follow the dotted line on the map to the left).

Buses can be accessed from Wharf Street (Town Centre) or the junction of Station Road and Town Hall Street (A58) on route 2 to Halifax, Rochdale and Sowerby. For local Taxi information please see Useful Links

The group is working with local partners Northern & Calderdale Council to improve signage along these routes.